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Kever Sportcraft Water Slides, Bounce House & Water Slide Fun

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Kever Sportcraft Water Slides

How high of a Kever Sportcraft water slide are you looking for? The higher the slide, the more expensive, and more asembly required. You don't have to purchase a supertall Kever Sportcraft water slide for the family to live it - just one that is functional will do.

Get set to make a mega splash with this Kever Sportcraft water slide. Leap through the tunnel and down the diving ramp into the splash pool. Then, scale the climbing wall of this 10-foot-tall waterslide and ride the banked curve all the way back into the splash pool. Inflates in less than three minutes with the included continuous-airflow blower motor and easily attaches to any hose. Heavy-duty Dura-Tech construction ensures lasting strength and durability, while the constant airflow helps resist small tears and punctures.

We even have water slides here for the younger tots. Be sure you supervise, of course. Don't leave your kids alone. That being said, we have some super small water slides here you can get for under $50. We even have some you can get for under $20.

A moonwalk is great fun for the kids. Moonwalks have a hole that the kids can crawl into, then they can play and bounce around. There is a limit as to how many people can be in the moonwalk at one time. For how much we sell them for here though, you can pretty much afford to buy two! Works great with big families, just requires a little more time to inflate (unless you have two pumps as well).

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